Tarot Gimbal Video Stability in Flight


Tarot’s T-2D gimbal got some good press due to its low cost and very stable videos in the flight. Its about 5 times cheaper than equivalent DJI’s Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, which, the tests have shown, performs no better at 5 times more price.

I know at least one guy who flies an F550 with H3-2D and not happy with it. And have read many reviews about problems surrounding H3-2D, which one would not expect for the price one pays for it.

Needless to say, I had enough issues with Tarot T-2D as well. But for the low price I paid for it, it is still acceptable.

My very first flight with Tarot T-2D was unbelievably smooth, and it is attached above for your review. However later its main board got fried for no apparent reason. I got a new board, but could never get the same level of stability which I have in this video.

Problem with Tarot T-2D is lack of documentation, and lack of guidance how to set it up. The software which comes with it has a pretty old style and poor interface, and it freezes my Windows machine as well. Support is non-existent, so basically you are on your own with this gimbal. If it works, good for you. If not, then better find a different gimbal.

I have a few videos on setting up  Tarot T-2D, calibrating it and so on. However, I am still not sure on perfect settings for it. Right now it is month of December. I can’t fly my copter often in below -10 freezing temperatures of Ottawa, so my testing is limited. I also have a feeling that my  Tarot T-2D roll motor is not functioning well in cold, so only in spring I’ll be able to tell what settings really work for this gimbal. Even the tilt motor seems to get frozen while in flight. Not to mention my fingers on the remote which get frozen but I can’t let them go off the remote. Winter of Canada is not a good time to fly these things.

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