Tarot Gimbal Video Stability in Flight

  Tarot’s T-2D gimbal got some good press due to its low cost and very stable videos in the flight. Its about 5 times cheaper than equivalent DJI’s Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, which, the tests have shown, performs no better at 5 times more price. I know at least one guy who flies an F550 with […]


Video Stability Demo

  Here is a test of video stabilization in the air, after upgrading the drone. It flies towards the Ottawa river, covers some distance, looks around, and then comes back. And this whole time the video stays very stable.


Aerial Drone Photography and Video in Ottawa

  This is a compilation of various video shots, beautifully converted into a music video. These were taken primarily in the Orleans neighbourhoods, city of Ottawa. Beautifully covering the fall colours, nicely compiled on a nice sound track.


Aerial Videos

Aerial videos give a very large perspective of areas around you. You see the details which otherwise you would never have seen.