General Purpose Aerial Photos

General purpose aerial photos, whether its for your home, some event, sports, a scenic view, or anything else you can think of.



To keep an eye on your construction progress from all the angles, using aerial views, is second to none. The wide area coverage it provides, and ease of seeing what is happening on the construction site and around is just wonderful.


Site Planning

It can save money, time and headache if there are good aerial observations for a site in order to help with construction¬†planning on it. Aerial view is always helpful in a site planning. It covers the area in its entirety and shows hidden places which otherwise could go missing. And as the progress of construction […]


Real Estate

For sale perspective or for inspection perspective, again, an aerial view gives you much better and clearer picture of your property.


Aerial Videos

Aerial videos give a very large perspective of areas around you. You see the details which otherwise you would never have seen.



Routing aerial observation of a farm land can be very beneficial to find out where crop is getting wasted, where birds are eating it, which part of a farm needs more attention, and so on.