Dunning Rd Farmland

Here are a few shots of a farmland, photographed at Dunning Road in Cumberland. High resolution shots, taken from a very high altitude to cover all the vast area which belongs to this farmland. This photo captures all 125 acres of the land which belongs to this land owner. It also captures beautifully the process […]

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 12.33.50 PM

Aerial Inspection of a Neighborhood’s Snow Removal Operation

Ottawa accumulates a lot of snow in winter season, and snow removal companies are busy this season clearing roads and removing snow. Many private neighbourhoods give out contracts to these companies to keep their areas clean and clear of snow. However not always they get the expected service. Here are some sample aerial photos over […]


Tarot Gimbal Video Stability in Flight

  Tarot’s T-2D gimbal got some good press due to its low cost and very stable videos in the flight. Its about 5 times cheaper than equivalent DJI’s Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, which, the tests have shown, performs no better at 5 times more price. I know at least one guy who flies an F550 with […]


General Purpose Aerial Photos

General purpose aerial photos, whether its for your home, some event, sports, a scenic view, or anything else you can think of.


Neighbourhood Watch

Here are views of some neighbourhoods, photographed at sunset. It gives a good bird-eye covering this area of these areas. ___ ___


Mont-Tremblant at Cap Tremblant Resort

Various views taken while hovering over Cap Tremblant resort at Mont-Tremblant. These views show how these beautiful area looks like when seen from a height, can captures a lot of detail of the surrounding area. ____ ____


Site Planning

It can save money, time and headache if there are good aerial observations for a site in order to help with construction¬†planning on it. Aerial view is always helpful in a site planning. It covers the area in its entirety and shows hidden places which otherwise could go missing. And as the progress of construction […]


Real Estate

For sale perspective or for inspection perspective, again, an aerial view gives you much better and clearer picture of your property.



Routing aerial observation of a farm land can be very beneficial to find out where crop is getting wasted, where birds are eating it, which part of a farm needs more attention, and so on.