Tarot Gimbal Sensor Calibration

Tarot is a good gimbal for hobby purposes, but not for professional usage. The reason is its micro vibrations which don’t go away. From reading online reviews over last couple of months, it is obvious to me that its a very common issue with these gimbals. Anyways, if you are looking into Tarot gimbal’s sensor […]


Applying for Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) in Canada

In Canada, flight operations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or simply called a drone) are regulated by Transport Canada or TC. If you are flying anything for commercial purposes, including a RC quadcopter, hexacopter, octacopter or a plane, then regardless of its size and cost, it is considered a UAV which must follow the same […]

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Aerial Inspection of a Neighborhood’s Snow Removal Operation

Ottawa accumulates a lot of snow in winter season, and snow removal companies are busy this season clearing roads and removing snow. Many private neighbourhoods give out contracts to these companies to keep their areas clean and clear of snow. However not always they get the expected service. Here are some sample aerial photos over […]


Tarot Gimbal Video Stability in Flight

  Tarot’s T-2D gimbal got some good press due to its low cost and very stable videos in the flight. Its about 5 times cheaper than equivalent DJI’s Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal, which, the tests have shown, performs no better at 5 times more price. I know at least one guy who flies an F550 with […]